About Better Globe

About Better Globe

Do good, contribute to a better world and make money

We are a Kenyan forestry company working with commercial tree planting in East Africa since 2006. By planting trees, we create many positive impacts for the people in place, our environment, the local community and even for you as a customer.

By planting trees, we are working towards our vision to do more to reduce poverty in Africa than any other organization or company has done. We want to make Africa a better and greener place for both people and nature. We are the first forestry company in the world to plant the mukau tree (Melia Volkensii) commercially in an environment where no one has ever attempted forestry on a larger scale. Have a look below at our 4 minute introductory clip describing the business.

We’re making a big difference already. For real.

Today, more than 10 years later, we’re proud to be able to show that our ideas were correct and that it’s possible to operate a sustainable and commercially viable forestry business that does good on several levels. We will continue to work holistically and sustainably and we would like to invite people to help and support our work in Africa because:

  • We realize that by planting trees, we care about both humans and the environment
  • We create value for locals and, above all, a large proportion of women
  • We improve the living situation through our partnerships with local farmers through agro-forestry, micro-loans, education and  by providing clean water
  • We work in the semi desert which is not suitable for agriculture and this is where we make the biggest difference for local communities through our model of agro-ecology
  • We create even more jobs through local value-added, which keeps the value in the country

We hope that you will like our operations and want to support us in our ambition to create a better world. It’s something that both we and you profit from, and not only financially.

Some business highlights

2006 starts our pilot project giving us access to 5000 hectares of land at the Kiambere dam by the river Tana. The land belongs to ”Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority (TARDA)” and the area has an unemployment rate of more than 65 percent and the people in the area are considered to be the poorest.

2008  we sign a ”Memorandum of Understanding” with the Sosoma Ranching Cooperative Society (SRS) to plant 60 705 hectares of trees on an industrial scale. The document is also approved by the local authorities. The project is still alive, even though it has been delayed due to various legal and technical reasons.

The nursery in Nyongoro, 2012

The nursery in Nyongoro, 2012

2012 we sign a partnership with the Wity-Nyongoro Ranching Society, where we lease 21,500 hectares of land for planting Mukau and Mango trees.

2015 we start the project to help farmers plant Mukau trees on their own land in accordance with our agro-forestry and agro-ecology model, which combines different crops for best results. We train them, give them seedlings and we commit ourselves to buying the trees when it is time for felling.

2015  we deepen cooperation with KenGen and their foundation around the ”Green Initiative Challenge” which is a 10-year project aimed at planting over 500 hectares of forest that local schools and organizations can enjoy.

Bruno Pescheux, CEO of Bamburi, Albert Mugo, CEO of the KenGen Foundation and Better Globe Forestry's CEO Jean-Paul Deprins sign the Green Initiative Challenge agreement on June 24th 2015.

Bruno Pescheux, CEO of Bamburi, Albert Mugo, CEO of the KenGen Foundation and Better Globe Forestry’s CEO Jean-Paul Deprins sign the Green Initiative Challenge agreement on June 24th 2015.

2016 we register as a foundation called Better Globe Foundation to better separate our charity initiatives from ongoing operations in a more transparent and professional way.

2017 we have planted more than 1 200 000 trees in a few thousand hectares of land in semi-arid areas.

2018 we start planting trees in northern Uganda.

Contact and business details

In order to get in touch with us, we recommend that you email our customer service at support@betterglobe.com. We have English speaking customer service representatives who can answer most questions. We are, unfortunately, not able to receive any queries by phone, but we can try to arrange a callback if you send us an email.

Better Globe AS
The sales company, based in Moss, Norway

Norwegian company registration number: 992593148
Address: Postboks 410 | 1502 MOSS

Better Globe Forestry Ltd.
The forestry company, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenyan company registration number: 209/3040
Address: Tabere Crescent No. 4, Kileleshwa,
P O Box 823 – 00606

Get in touch with us

The easiest way to contact us is by sending an email to:

Thank you for your interest in our business.

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