We collaborate with many local partners...

No one has ever been successful on their own. A big part of our success lies in our partnerships with companies, universities, and local and international organizations.

We work together with many different partners to manage different parts of our business. We are a Kenyan forest company and there are many parts of our business that we could never do ourselves. We therefore collaborate with, among others, the following companies and organizations:

  • KenGen – with a simple comparison, one can say that KenGen is the Kenyan equivalent of the Swedish energy company Vattenfall. It is the largest energy producer in Kenya and we have worked together for many years. We have among other things, received land for our upcoming processing industry. In exchange KenGen has, among other things, had the benefit of reduced erosion and jobs for many people in connection with their dams. Our respective foundations work together and you can read more on their website KenGen Foundation about the various projects we have done together.
  • Bamburi / Lafarge – Together with KenGen and Bamburi, we launched the ”Green Initiative Challenge” which is a project aimed primarily at planting trees in an area of over 500 hectares on a commercial basis. You can read more about our collaboration in this press release from Lafarge here.
  • KEFRI – is the abbreviation for ” Kenya Forestry Research Institute” which is a Kenyan organization engaged in research, technology development and the spreading of knowledge about forest plantation and cooperation in Kenya. Together we research in-vitro cultivation of our Mukau tree to be able to refine and scale up the process to an industrial level.
  • Child Africa – is the Ugandan/Norwegian charity organization that runs several of the schools that Better Globe has built and renovated.
  • K-Rep Bank / Sidian Bank – a Kenyan bank specialized in microfinance and that helps and starts the microcreditbanks that we are funding.

Bruno Pescheux who is the Managing Director of Bamburi, Albert Mugo, the Managing Director of KenGen Foundation and the CEO of Better Globe Forestry Jean-Paul Deprins sign the agreement for the Green Initiative Challenge 24 June 2015.

We also collaborate with a number of universities:

  • University of Ghent, Belgium – since 2007, we have a partnership with this university in Belgium, which during a number of years has sent us students to write their master theses with us. The work has focused on the refining and in-vitro cultivation of our Mukau tree.
  • Nairobi University, Kenya – For several years, we have worked with the local university on in-vitro cultivation of our different trees.
  • Makere University, Uganda – since a while back we also cooperate on forestry operations.

Other organizations that we cooperate with:

  • Kenya Forestry Service (KFS)
  • The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
  • National Forestry Authority (NFA) in Uganda
  • Sawlog Production Grant Scheme (SPGS) in Uganda
  • and others

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