The Business In Sweden

The Business In Sweden

We are more than 10 000 customers in Sweden who buy trees

We currently have approximately 20 000 customers, from over 70 countries that have bought and are buying trees. A large proportion of these customers are actually from Sweden thanks to our ambassadors’ work there over several years. Sweden is consequently a key market for us that we keep in focus.

Just as we have chosen to seek finance through a crowd-funding model so we have also chosen to build our sales organization in a special way. Instead of having employed salesmen and the financial risk that brings, we have chosen to work with independent sales representatives who get an allowance on a commission basis for the tree sales they contribute with.

Out of approximately 10 000 customers in Sweden fewer than 200 people are actively working as sales reps (”ambassadors”), and only a handful of the work full-time. We are proud that the vast majority of our customers are satisfied and we are also trying to encourage them to be smart customers. To us a smart customer is a satisfied customer that not only saves monthly in trees and the donation packages but also talks to others about it. We are of course happy for new customers who want to buy trees and it is something that we encourage and reward – whether it’s a customer or an ambassador.

Anyone who is a happy customer today can choose to become an ambassador by selecting that option in ”My pages”. However, we recommend that you contact customer services, and have a conversation about what it means to be an ambassador, which guidelines are in place and what it can mean to you. Contact customer service via email at

Information meetings

Our ambassadors in Sweden are organising information sessions where interested ones can obtain more information about the business, all the good that we do and the possibility for you to save money in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way.

Once a year, we try to send representatives of the business in Kenya and Uganda to Sweden to tell us how things have gone this year and talk about the plan for the coming year.

Better Globe in Sweden

Better Globe has chosen to conduct our sales in Sweden through independent resellers, called ambassadors. The reason for this is that our company in too small to have a classic employee sales force in all the countries where we have customers. We provide all who want the opportunity to recommend our products and then we pay out a fixed commission per tree sold. You can apply to become a reseller by contacting us at customer services or by talking to the person who told you about the Better Globe.

Group picture of the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian ambassadors who were in Kenya and Uganda the summer of 2017.

Group picture of the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian ambassadors who were in Kenya and Uganda the summer of 2017.

Start saving in trees or reserve a seat on a webinar

If you also want to join in and do good, contribute to a better world and manage your savings in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way, use the link below.


Every Tuesday evening at. 20:30 we have a live information meeting over the Internet, a so-called webinar for those who want more information or have questions. It's obviously free and it lasts about 40 minutes.

Please feel free to read more here on the website, if you have other questions. We have a FAQ page with the 50 most frequently asked questions, and you can of course contact us at

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Varje tisdag kl. 20:30 håller vi ett informationsmöte via Internet där du får mer information. Det är självklart gratis och du har möjligheten att ställa frågor.

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Jag fascineras ofta av hur genomtänkt Better Globes affärsmodell är och är djupt berörd av grundarnas starka incitament att utrota fattigdomen i Afrika. Att ge hjälp till självhjälp, så att familjer lyfts ur fattigdom och kan hålla ihop, skapar förändring för enskilda människor, hela familjer och samhället i flera generationer.

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Med anledning om påståenden i en tidning om Better Globes grundare Rino Solbergs bakgrund, samarbetspartners i Sverige, årsredovisningen och försäljningsmodellen vill vi hänvisa till nedanstående artiklar där Rino själv berättar om sin bakgrund samt om historien med Biståndsaktuellt i ett mejl till journalisterna. Om Rino Solbergs bakgrund Child Africa och Biståndsaktuellt Tidningen tycks ifrågasätta BetterRead more…